Mirabelle Cafe Wedding Savannah

A Florist’s Guide To Downtown Savannah, Georgia


The perfect day for someone who loves romance, flowers + all things pretty!

It’s no secret that I love Savannah! As a former military family, we’ve lived everywhere and been lucky enough to travel all over the world. We chose to settle in Savannah though and its undeniable charm and perfectly imperfect details are what make this little city so special. 

If you have one day to spend in downtown Savannah, Georgia and you’re like me (ie. you want to drink good drinks, eat good treats and see pretty things) then this is how you should spend your day…

A quick note: just walking down the cobblestone and old brick streets of Savannah is an experience. The homes are gorgeous, a mix of architecture and color you will not find anywhere else. Explore our squares (think mini parks) and daydream about living in a row-house mansion. Plan to walk all day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, Savannah is a little city so it’s easy to get around with a car (and Savannah parking shenanigans are, well shenanigans. Avoid at all costs.) 

Start your day with the best coffee Savannah has to offer

But first coffee – I am very particular about starting my day with the perfect cup of coffee. At home, I drink a mushroom-pumpkin-spice-latte (more on that later) but if I’m downtown in Savannah, Georgia you can find me at one of these two coffee shops with a tried and true vanilla latte.

For a true coffee lover, Origin Coffee is your Sav locally loved go-to. 100% coffee shop vibes with a straightforward menu that checks every box. Savannah based baked goodies. A simplistic menu that offers inspired bites along the lines of elevated peanut butter and banana toast. My three year old loves the chairs that hang from the ceiling and I love the top-notch branding: it’s on the walls, cups and Origin swag. Plus, good quality coffee is just a bonus to the stellar customer service.

If you’re looking for something picturesque, European inspired and totally Instagramable: Mirabelle’s is the prettiest little place in Savannah. Across from the The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and Lafayette Square, sit at an outdoor Paris style table and enjoy your coffee with artisan waffles. Yes, waffles! Sweet or savory, Mirabelle’s has crafted the most delicious lineup of belgian waffles that will leave you saying “Oh my stars, Savannah!” 

Mirabelle Cafe Wedding Savannah

Check out the florals at Forsyth Park and Myrtle & Rose

A florist loves to sight-see, but in all the botanical places. Head to Forsyth Park, because it’s iconic, but also because it’s more beautiful in person than in photos. Iconic for a reason! The wild oaks, Spanish moss and Hydrangea bushes are something out of a fairytale. Magical is really the only way to describe it. Pro-tip: the farmers market in Forsyth Park is every Saturday from 9am – 12pm, and it’s a good one! 

Savannah hosts some of the best rooftop experiences, and what’s better than a rooftop garden? Check out Myrtle & Rose at the JW Marriott and/or Peregrin at the Perry Lane Hotel. The views are immaculate, the menus are luxurious and the landscaping will leave you in an urban blossomed paradise. Regardless of the time of day: cocktails recommended. 

Enjoy dinner at The Grove or Bella Napoli Bistro

Treat yourself to dinner somewhere floral filled: The Grove. I love this happening spot on bustling West Congress Street! Make reservations ahead of time or sit at the bar, you’ll be greeted by a doorway of flowers. Marketing on point! I personally order their homemade pasta, every time. With a glass of Rosé – and maybe some champagne to-go (it’s Savannah, y’all!) The Grove also boasts a rooftop for more outdoor, nature-filled dining; Savannah is lightly outdoorsy in the ‘I like to drink wine on patios’ kind of way. 

If you want something more intimate, my all time favorite restaurant in Savannah is Bella Napoli Bistro. It is cozy, quaint and feels like something hidden and secret. The tiny building only has a handful of tables and usually boasts a wait, but it’s well worth it. Low-lighting, music that is a bit too loud and all the romantic, cinematic vibes you need in your life. Southern Italian cuisine, everything on the menu is good. All of the wine is good. A perfect way to end a perfect Savannah day.

Enjoy my perfect little city! XO Emma

It seems like Savannah is always blooming (as someone who grew up in New England) but my favorite months to be outside are April and November! You’ll always see flowers, no matter when you’re here and that truly is a gift. It’s a no-brainer for a destination wedding and if you need a florist, I’m right here!

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